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This section provides us with the opportunity to showcase a combination of new in-house designed items, together with some interesting variations to a number of standard products.

We’re able to actively encourage our clients to be creative in their design and finishing specifications, due to the unique flexibility of our in-house manufacturing, finishing and upholstery skills. It is here that we can provide a service; and these examples will give you some idea of just what can be achieved.

Whether it is with new products, imaginative use of fabrics and upholstery detailing, or simply variations on a theme, we hope that you will find this section to be of particular interest. It is our intention that the message ‘there's so much more to Target’ will be further enhanced...........

Turned Oak Dining Table
Product: Turned Oak Dining Table
Description: This beautiful table shows off the beauty and versatility of solid timber while showcasing our in-house design and manufacturing skills. Made from solid oak, with a 1400mm diameter solid oak top, this dining table takes pride of place in our clients’ private dining room.
3-Legged Coffee Tables
Product: 3-Legged Coffee Tables
Description: One of a number of bespoke pieces conceived in consultation with the designer for the high profile Wetherspoon site The Linen Weaver, in Cork, Ireland. This 3-legged coffee base is suitably chunky but has lots of details showing the thought that goes into these schemes. A solid oak top finished to look hand-hewn with saw marks and a patina finish, with rubbed through paint finish to the base, for that mock-authentic, pre-loved look.
Centre Pedestal Vase Turning Table
Product: Centre Pedestal Vase Turning Table
Description: Another table manufactured specifically for the Linen Weaver Wetherspoons in Cork. A generous vase-shaped, timber turning in a rubbed-off paint finish, with plinth and top in a patina finish to add to the warm, welcoming feel of this traditional pub.
Load High Stool
Product: Load High Stool
Description: The Load High Stool from Billiani is here shown finished in a distressed paint finish with stain and patina to the lower legs, creating a distinctive overall look. This, coupled with the stitched detail to the leather upholstery elevated an already stylish piece to a new level for the Linen Weaver Wetherspoons pub in Cork, in Ireland.
Chair and Footstool
Product: Chair and Footstool
Description: This distinctive, bespoke two piece set was created for a contemporary sample room scheme, supplied to the Crowne Plaza, Glasgow.
Coffee Table
Product: Coffee Table
Description: A distinctive coffee table created in consultation with the designer, with 3-part legs and a laminate inset top. A contemporary addition to the lounge area at the Holiday Inn in Solihull.
Long Table
Product: Long Table
Description: A demonstration of Target’s ability to meet any number of logistical and product challenges, this 3.5 metre long table with bespoke turnings and oak top was designed, made, and finished in-house, before being successfully installed in the Bilderberg Park Hotel in Rotterdam.
Product: Ottoman
Description: This over-sized ottoman was created for the prestigious Cumberland Hotel, London. Upholstered in Crest Shelly Silver Birch leather, with beech legs polished to a rich walnut colour and piping at the bottom edge to give the product a professional, stylish finish.
Zinc-Topped Refectory Table
Product: Zinc-Topped Refectory Table
Description: A striking, zinc-topped refectory table with bespoke turned legs finished in a specified RAL colour, supplied to the Bilderberg Park Hotel in Rotterdam.
Roll-arm Astoria High Stool
Product: Roll-arm Astoria High Stool
Description: Our manufacturing capabilities mean we can often take a standard Target model and adapt it to accommodate design elements to suit your particular requirements. Here, our Astoria High Stool was simply tweaked with the addition of a roll arm and deep-buttoned upholstery.
Button Detail Normandy Lounge Chair
Product: Button Detail Normandy Lounge Chair
Description: A quirky addition to the standard Normandy Lounge Chair, the designer wanted to create the effect of a buttoned jacket to the outside back. We successfully interpreted this request to produce the chair shown here, for the reception area of the Thistle Piccadilly, London. With the addition of stainless steel feet, the overall effect was both stylish and contemporary.
Valeria Chair
Product: Valeria Chair
Description: A delightful, compact wing chair, this piece now graces the lounge of the Thistle Grosvenor Hotel in London, where the luxurious combination of deep buttoned upholstery in Sekers Diva Putty fabric, and walnut wood stain means it fits in perfectly.
Special finish Twickenham Tables
Product: Special finish Twickenham Tables
Description: These Twickenham tables were supplied with a distressed, two-tone stain finish to timber tops and lower legs, set off by the application of a rubbed off paint finish to the top of the base. Some of the tables were fitted with zinc table tops, with an applied patina finish. All these finishes successfully combined to create the used and loved, worn look the designer was seeking for this area of Downing College in Cambridge.
Modified Linden Railback
Product: Modified Linden Railback
Description: We supplied over 270 of these chairs, modified with the addition of extra side-rails to provide even more robustness for the heavy, constant use expected on a cruise ship.
Onda Wing Chair
Product: Onda Wing Chair
Description: This distinctive wing chair was sourced as a feature piece for key positions within the Wetherspoons site in Newquay, Cornwall, stylishly designed by Absolute Design.
Happy Stool
Product: Happy Stool
Description: A modern outdoor stool sourced for the external area at the JDW Newquay site, the Happy stool is available as a high or low version, in a variety of colours. Manufactured from resilient and hardwearing polypropylene, with Italian design but an affordable price, this ticked all the boxes for the important outdoor space at this seaside pub.
Slatted Back Dining Chairs
Product: Slatted Back Dining Chairs
Description: These simple dining chairs were used, in a mixture of frame colours and fabrics, at the new JD Wetherspoon site in Newquay. The combination of solid colour frame with stained slats was particularly effective.
Michele Long Stool
Product: Michele Long Stool
Description: Based on the Michele Low Stool, this long stool version was created for Design Coalition for the Thistle Piccadilly Hotel. Upholstered in Sinclaire Osiris Brown, with wenge coloured legs and the distinctive quilted seat feature.
Buttoned Dulcet Chair
Product: Buttoned Dulcet Chair
Description: The Dulcet Chair, already a stylish model, was made even more luxurious when Design Coalition specified the addition of a deep-buttoned back.
Extra Swivel Chair
Product: Extra Swivel Chair
Description: This swivel chair with a chrome base was sourced from one of our wide range of Italian contacts. It proved cost-effective and met the design requirements, so was a successful find in every way.
Hera Chair
Product: Hera Chair
Description: This distinctive, compact tub chair was sourced for 10 Design to use at the Seamill Hydro in Ayrshire. Wenge stain with 2 different leathers combined to create this contemporary effect.
Dining Table
Product: Dining Table
Description: A clever combination of the Trafalgar column fitted with Bond Street style feet, enabled the designer to simply create another original model. Our manufacturing base encourages the lateral thinking approach when product selection is being made.
Matador Low Stool
Product: Matador Low Stool
Description: The Matador low stool was adapted to receive a stainless steel effect, laminate plinth. The selection of seats in a black leather, and lower section in eight selections of fabric from the Sunbury Plush collection, gave these pieces great impact at the new Brasserie Blanc restaurant in Covent Garden.
Descant Sofa
Product: Descant Sofa
Description: The Descant sofa was taken to a new dimension with the selection of these contrasting fabrics.
Tall Alhambra Chair
Product: Tall Alhambra Chair
Description: The standard Alhambra chair was adapted to meet this client’s request in achieving an overall back height of 125cm. A modification to an existing model can often be the shortest route, and our in-house manufacturing allows us to meet such requirements.
Dining Chair
Product: Dining Chair
Description: This interesting model, the Heidi Chair, was recently sourced for a new restaurant project at Seamill in Ayrshire. Site shots of this location will shortly appear on our web site, and are well worth a visit.
Curved Settee
Product: Curved Settee
Description: This piece was selected as a truly elegant feature for the reception area in a major London hotel. Using four contrasting fabrics, the designer highlighted the many features of this piece, adding a sprayed silver finishing touch to the timber frames.
Jardine Table
Product: Jardine Table
Description: The Jardine table is shown here with a sprayed antique silver finish to the top. This provided an economical alternative to solid metal options.
Calypso Couch
Product: Calypso Couch
Description: This standard model looked striking with this fabric combination. The designer cleverly combined Zoffany Colonade for the back rest and Sunbury Gloss black for the seat, with the addition of contrasting shallow buttons to the seat and contrast piping.
External Sofa
Product: External Sofa
Description: This iconic piece is manufactured from polyethylene and is available in a range of colour ways. The Bubble Club is a roomy two seater sofa, characterised by the soft line of the armrests.
Product: Sofa
Description: This sofa with a feature outside back, was sourced specifically to meet the designer’s brief. We think it looked particularly effective manufactured, as it is, in clear lacquered walnut.
Dining Chair
Product: Dining Chair
Description: The Prospero Chair is shown here with a low buttoned, upholstered back, using a contrast fabric to highlight the effect.
Lounge Chairs
Product: Lounge Chairs
Description: The careful use of contrast fabrics heightened the impact of these feature armchairs on the most recent project for RJD Design.
Product: Couch
Description: This distinctive 2 seat couch sits alongside chairs of the same style, to provide complementary and flexible seating, coupled with an interesting fabric combination, enhancing the interior scheme at this JDW location.
External Armchair
Product: External Armchair
Description: The Moon chair, shown here in Vintage Silver, will feature in the external area of the new JD Wetherspoon site in Maltby.
Pedestal Armchair
Product: Pedestal Armchair
Description: Breley Design selected The Largo chair for the refurbishment of the renowned Hackney Marshes Centre in East London.
Sun Lounger
Product: Sun Lounger
Description: This stylish, teak poolside lounger was recently sourced for Holiday Inn, Manchester. Should you be looking for something similar, please contact our sales office for details.
High Stool
Product: High Stool
Description: The Euphoria High Stool received some considerable attention to detail when the upholstery specification was put together by Design Coalition. Another example of how it is possible to transform a standard model with an innovative approach.
Breakfast Table
Product: Breakfast Table
Description: The standard Target Beaut table was modified to produce this mid-height version, to meet the client’s specific needs.
Zipped Armchair
Product: Zipped Armchair
Description: The Blenheim tub chair received a highly original upholstery detail, inspired by vintage flying jackets, by way of the introduction a zip fastener and contrasting fabric applied to a panel in the outside back. A successful interpretation for use in a flight-themed Farnborough site.
Blush Lounge Chair
Product: Blush Lounge Chair
Description: The Blush Lounge Chair is a standard model, but Design Coalition enhanced the impact of this chair, with the addition of a chrome studding detail.
Manzano Tub Chair
Product: Manzano Tub Chair
Description: The Manzano tub chair is a standard model, which can be seen in the product section. On this occasion, the designer added an individual chrome studding detail to the outside back.
Venice Twin Seat
Product: Venice Twin Seat
Description: This couch was selected for the Thistle at Kensington Garden, along with the matching Venice chair. For prices on these models, please contact our sales office.
Venice Chair
Product: Venice Chair
Description: This elaborate feature chair was recently supplied, along with a twin seat version, for the reception area at Thistle Kensington Garden Hotel.
Sovereign High Back Wing Chair
Product: Sovereign High Back Wing Chair
Description: An extended back to the standard Sovereign wing chair was produced to achieve this striking, feature piece. The end result provided a fully upholstered deep-buttoned back, with an overall height of 1800mm.
Product: Armchair
Description: The standard Pavia tub chair was adapted to provide a deeper skirt to the chair frame, and a fluted back detail.

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